Sold oufr family home

After our parents passed away, it was time to sell our family home. This was a very emotional experience for us, as it is for most families. We interviewed Gary and felt right away that he truly cared. His compassion and understanding of what we were about to go through was amazing. We followed his advice on how best to empty and prepare the house for sale, how to deal with condition issues and advised on what work we should do ahead of time and what we needed to disclose to potential buyers. Soon after going onto the market, we received a full price offer from the perfect buyers who loved our home. When the lender was concerned about peeling paint on the garage, (FHA rules), Gary literally painted the garage himself in order to expedite the loan process so we would close on time. We could go on and on on all of the little things that Gary did for us and the support and patience he showed.

We can’t recommend Gary highly enough! You are in the best hands possible!